Young Life has been involved with direct ministry to teenagers in Hall County for over 40 years!  We spend our time out there in the world of kids, meeting them where they are, accepting them as they are, with a vision for who they can become.
We want to continue working in this town until every kid has heard about Jesus, and had the chance to respond to that love.

We are currently doing ministry at Gainesville, North Hall, and Lakeview Academy.  We would love to begin ministry at West Hall, Flowery Branch, Johnson, Riverside Military, and East Hall High School in the future.

YL Club is Monday 7:57pm at The Holler
Wyldlife Club is every other Tuesday 7:27pm at The Holler

Windy Gap - YL

Windy Gap January 2017

Where: Windy Gap, Weaverville, NC
When: January 20-22, 2017
Cost: $160
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Carolina Point - WL

Carolina Point February 2017

Where: Carolina Point, Brevard, NC
When: February 3-5, 2017
Cost: $160
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Sweatshirt fundraiser
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Sweatshirt Fundraiser
Buy a YL Sweatshirt to help raise money to send kids camp this Winter/Summer.
Choose from 3 options so pick according to whichever YL Logo you best like
(Retro, Current, Slightly Retro) order over the next
month and we will give them out in early January!




Young Life Gainesville-Hall County | PO Box 1660 Gainesville, GA 30503-1660

Phone: (770) 536-4584

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